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September the 11th

17 years n it's hard to forget how hatred destroy things well made. Many were Dead n many living are not well living. I am sure the hearts are still paining in the name they lost. 11th September has made a deep unforgettable mark in the human history.

No one in thou deserved but yes scarified their life. It was a war in the name of religion... God .. faith n believe. All manipulated to be honest to bend according to the master who thought it was. Right. Question is something so man made is so deeply believed n I m sure many will challenge my statement but it's high time to think again what we preach. What we practice or what we believe. Those many mythological stories were raised back then as a part of recreational acts, narrated to the young ones to believe in various form of act and it's results. The action reaction chain. Sadly we are a part of a community where very few tend to alter as time passes resulting many to get stuck.Being a humanitarian or n atheist sounds like a practical option in today's world. Trust me it's all about altering your self conscious mind to be at your side. Selling your faith to a self proclaimed god man is so idiotic I have enough fought with people and by the end I had to let them go. I remember my parents pressing my pulse when I denied to touch an elders feet... Somehow I found the action stupid. Giving the power to else is not a smart way to lead life as often we start depending and our self awareness is miss leaded. With due respect to all the faith I have a question to you all.. how we are planning to see our future?

Hi, my name is Shovona Karmakar, a freelance commercial (product, food, portrait) photographer based out of India. I travel, I am a foodie and I cherish the simple elements of life.

See you tomorrow...!

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