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Smartphone Photography: Step up

These days a good camera has become an important factor while deciding a smartphone. One has to as to admit smartphone cameras have come a long way and most of them can deliver some amazing results. Many still struggle to get the best out of it due to faulty camera settings used. I here want to burst few tips and tricks to identify the best possible camera settings based on type of photography you opt for. Before moving ahead let’s know the different types of photography we capture in our day to day life.

Portrait Images: We love to click our loved ones and one we come across as fascinating and few not. Lets see how we can make it look better.

  • Light source: Light is everything in photography, first tip keep the subject in front of the light for the face to be well lit, something I personally suggest is to keep it at an angle or at the side for the light to fall off more artistically.

  • Leave some some around: A little space around the face not only give some room for the eye to see the image but it even gives an idea about the location or space subject is living in adding an extra note of interest for the viewer.

  • Use TAP to focus: Focusing has never been easy, a single tap over the subject especially face keeps the image clear and crisp and even let the phone understand the lighting condition to give you the best evaluated result.

  • Avoid Using flash: Unless you know how to soften the flash inbuilt I strongly suggest not to use it, it makes the image look flat and uninteresting.

Action Photos: For many capturing fast moving objects from a smartphone is bit tricky. As most of them turn out to be blurry or out of focus. But there is always a way to get the best out of it.

  • Patience: Its the important factor while capturing a fast moving subject. Wait till the time subject and surrounding finds a balance within.

  • Use burst mode: Take the advantage of burst mode if you have one, click many and choose the one which is close to you desired.

  • Use Pro mode: Few cameras has pro mode which let you to tweak the shutter speed. Faster shutter speed lets you to capture the desired. In-case you dont have you are free to download a third party camera app that offers this mode. For example If we are trying to capture our dog then we should keep the shutter speed between 1/300 to 1/600.

Landscape Photos: Its quite obvious to take our smartphone out to capture those amazing landscape we pass by while hiking or driving. Getting the desired result can turn out to be quite a task. The real art here us to bring all the necessary visual elements, lines, curves, shapes and patterns into a single frame. here are a few things to enhance landscape photos:

  • Light is important: The golden hours are the best time to capture landscape. The light is soft and create dramatic colors in the sky and gives you the best opportunity to capture the best moment.

  • Straight horizon: Try to capture the horizon straight, use the built-in grid line option in the camera app to keep your frame straight.

  • Adjust exposure: even in the auto mode, we have the option to adjust the exposure of the image. Based on the time of the photography adjust the brightness of the image to give it a vivid feel.

  • Monitor surroundings: Look for an interesting pattern, water, reflection or any other visual elements and think how we can use them in your photo

  • Never use flash: Always try to use the natural lighting to give a natural feel to images.

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