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SMOOTHIE: banana grape stawberry

Who doesn't love smoothies and they are the best way to gulp in those yummy fruits in a most fancy manner. Smoothie is my fast breaker, its something which takes away my blues and I swear I love it on any occasion.

Smoothies are catching up in many small food chains and pubs and clubs. The name sounds exotic and yes they do come with a good price. What if you can make it at home with no extra taxes. All you need is a blender and some alfafa.. fruits..hahaha. the more exotic they sound the premium it charged.

Here I have simply diced few grapes, strawberries and one banana and blended it well with a dash of lime, salt, pepper and cold filter water or soda (yes soda gives a punch) but optional.

Serve it with few fresh pieces of fruits or a pack of granola. (will share that recipe soon) in a not so fancy glass and enjoy!

Its healthy, its fast its lazy! and the best way to impress your date, even the non healthy one will love it.


Hello, myself Shovona. a freelance commercial photographer, cinemagraph artist and a product stylist based out of Mumbai India. Food is an integral part of my personality, I belong to a family of farmers and back in my home my family makes sure to grow something organic where ever possible. Food is my religion and I am very passionate about it.

Thankyou for reading..

See your tomorrow!

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