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Stir fry chicken sausage with mushroom and fenugreek

chicken sausage stir fry photography
Chicken sausage strir fry

Its winter coming and having some warm and light is all I am looking for plus keeping oil and the salt content low in my food is an important aspect of my daily cooking, to add further I love mixing, specially things I was always skeptical about.

If you have these stuff lying in your pantry feel free to mix it with a hint of Methi aka fenugreek leaves, trust me the light bitterness is the real magic.

Its a easy to make tossed in a min and two recipe.. all I mean.. is quick!


Chicken sausage (diagonally cut it into chunks)

Button mushrooms or any available in your local market. (roughly sliced)

White Onion (thinly sliced)

Garlic (roughly crushed)

Green chilly (thinly chopped)

Salt to taste

Red chilly flakes

Black pepper powder

Fenugreek leaves

Chicken sausage stir fry photography
Chicken sausage stir fry


Post you have cut the respective ingredients, bring your pan to medium heat and sprinkle oil just to give a coating for the base. Add the crushed garlic and green chilly and little of red chilly flakes, let it get a little brown

Add your sausage and mushrooms and toss it evenly, post the sausage is slightly brown sprinkle some salt and black pepper and toss it evenly all over again.

Mix the fenugreek (eat it raw with the dish if you wish to enjoy the bitterness) leaves and serve it hot... over a plate.

Hope you liked being lazy all over again...

See you tomorrow!

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