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Take better photos: 5 top tips | part I

When I just started photography i used to be quite amazed seeing else pictures.. and often ask this question to myself


Google remained my oxford university till date, coming across so many talented artist over the internet let me see and know things which I never knew and for sure they kept me inspired and helped me to be the photographer I am today.

Ironically, the number one question I now get asked as an open producer is “How do I take better photos?”

So here are my top 10 tips which I have picked up over the years.

SHOOT EVERYDAY: The best way to hone your skills is to practice. A LOTTTTT...! Shoot as much as you can- it doesn't really matter what. Spend hours and hours behind your camera. As you will improve technically over time your ability to harness then to tell stories and should too. Dont worry too much about shooting a certain way to begin with. Experiment. Your style- your VOICE - will emerge in time. And it will be more authentic when it does.

READ YOUR CAMERA MANUAL: The best way to know what to do with your camera is to actually read the manual. So many people miss this really important step on their photographic journey. Evert camera is different so by reading the manual you will get to know all the funky things its there.

SEE THE LIGHT: Prior you see through the view finder, observe the light direction and use it to your advantage. Be mindful about it even though it can be sunlight or any from an artificial source like lamp and else. Ponder: how to make the images look better and how the subject is interacting with the light. Observe for strong highlights and dark shadows. These are the things you can utilize to make an ordinary photo extraordinary.

SLOW DOWN: Take time to think about what is going on in the viewfinder before pressing the shutter. How are you going to compose the shot? How are you going to light it. Don’t jump straight in without giving it some thought first.

SHOOT WITH YOUR MIND: Even when you are not shooting, shoot with your mind. Practice noticing expressions and light conditions. work out how you would compose a picture of that scene over there that interests you, and what sort of exposure you might use to capture it best.

Bonus tip: Read a lot of books and subscribe to photography blogs and channels. Many talented people share their tips and tricks worth to learn from.

So I hope it was helpful. and will be posting the part 2 soon.

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