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the Joy of having a Best Friend....

I am a crazy mad head, on a personal level I am not everyone’s cup of tea. I have my intense mood swings and the very adamant attitude of being upfront and I not always carry a diplomatic persona. I care and love passionately for the people who accept me the way I am. One who understands where I am coming from gets my perspective towards my imagery.

I met my cool buddy Rouell, over an online platform. Let me say to you all, he was quite skeptical to meet me considering me to be a Nigerian who wishes to have some money from him. Hahaha. poor fella! He was dumb struck when I started speaking in Hindi. Our relationship has been a dream come true. We do have our fights, we do have our arguments. We never had this feeling as we met few months ago. Yes our trust factor built up in a short span conditioned he has to water my plants! Well his honestly and wit is worth a billion dollar. The amazing thing is to drag him for all my whims and fancies over weekends and he ever complained about it ... or I guess he never dared to do so... Thanks to my Muay thai Skills! hahaha

All my childhood I always lacked a true friend in my life, constant bullying kept me off from my mates pondering it to be the best way to avoid any embarrassment. Well at times people treat you so unpleasantly that your hope to trust fades away. One makes a shell around cause the very weakness of being gullible scares them. Being rude is one of its strategy. Upfront is the rage one cant bear to keep in itself anymore. The very fact of none caring about you makes you fearless. Getting to know someone who can understand how to tear the shell and enter your zone and respect it is rare but they do exist.

Its important to have someone in life who can act as a mirror to you, few days it may not show you the best in you and other you just cant stop falling in love. Well that's a part of a having a best friend. Who is yours...? Comment below and let everyone know that the world existence is still in the hands of some good soul.


Hii... I am Shovona Karmakar, a freelance advertising photographer based out of Mumbai India. I am primarily been hired for my portraits, food and product photography. I post every single day over facebook primarily things inspired from my personal life and I post one picture every single day over Instagram.let me know what you think in the comments below and See you tomorrow!

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