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The Little book II: the art of networking

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Marget Mead.

Networking tends to get a bad rep with many people thinking it to be all about corporate events and business card and suits. You love it or not the art of networking is worth to master on as in this adage it’s not what you know, it’s who you know which matters. A cliche without good reason and people you know are very often the best sources of new opportunities.

NETWORK IN ALL DIRECTIONS: It’s indeed important to meet people who in the similar industry as yours along few who are not. Peer to peer networking is important. As simple as bouncing ideas to your peers or someone senior, so don’t neglect the networking opportunity readily available to you. As your career and those of your peers will probably progress in tandem, so the relationships you build now could be even more helpful in long run.

BE RECIPROCAL: The best net-workers are honestly interested into others projects and problems. Be known as someone who offers to help others out as well as asking for things, keeping in mind to nurture professional relationships on an ongoing basis. Acting as a connector is again not a bad idea if you have mutual friends, introduce them. This way more people are likely to engage with you if they see your relationship as being mutually beneficial. Count your karma!

START SMALL: It’s always a good idea to start any conversation small, if and when you get down to talk about work ask them about their projects, a good way for grabbing ones attention and let them talk about it and get ease to your presence which will let you to take a step ahead easily.An open ended conversation is a key to good communication.

ANYTIME, ANYPLACE: Keeping an open eye let you meet interesting professional contacts, as you are more likely to meet such people in social situations and through friends.

COLD EMAILING: Few things to consider to help your mail stand out.Signpost: A clear subject will less likely put your email to trash, and make sure it doesn’t sound spam or generic. Be free to state things which you think is compelling enough to get a response and don’t keep it for the end of the email.Keep it concise: A essay sought of mail can let the reader loose its interest so keep precise and minimal, a detailed information can be shared post understanding the person is willing to know more for future consideration.

Get personal: Avoid mass mail and get a little personal over the mail, as subjecting the person with its name and be directly relevant to them or their work.Have a clear ask: The reader should be left with a clear question. Letting them work of what you want over the mail is a big turn off, avoid. Be precise over the requirements which will help you to understand on what exactly it is you want out of the interaction.

Persist: Following up with people is an option you should practice keeping a week and two off for them to get back to you. In-case the reader doesn’t reply you can choose to ignore or give a call based on the situation.

CONNECT IN REAL LIFE (IRL) : One should not under estimate the power of face to face conversation over email, its more effective and quite helpful for the other person to remember you in longer run. Below are few pointers for you to consider.

Be on time: self explanatory.

Do your research: Gather all the information you wish to ask over google, as its not worth to waste time where the answer is readily available.

Have a clear ask: Have a goal in mind prior to meeting, if your are the one initiated the meeting be prepared to steer the conversation, well don’t make your contact do the work.Wrap on time: Be precise and keep an eye over the clock to understand when likely you need wrap it up, dont let the other person get late for his next appointment.

Get a referral: Be polite enough to ask if there is anyone else with whom a meeting can be arranged, it is a great way to expand your network.

Follow up: Send an email thanking them for their time within a day or two, while you are still fresh on their mind.


Hii, I am shovona, a freelance commercial photographer, cinemagraph artist and a product stylist by profession. I am a freelancer past 4 years and being into a very competitive industry I have learnt a lot on the way and I do like to share my experience with else. I post a self portrait over Instagram every single day and write small notes over my blog almost every day. I am presently based out of Mumbai.

Thanks for reading.

See you tomorrow!

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