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The little book III: building your brand

Importance of personal branding.

Social media has made it easier than ever to hone your “brand”. But what exactly is a personal brand? And do you actually need one?

STANDING OUT: It is the way of letting people know what your distinct talents are and what you represent. With fierce competition and interchangeable skills having a personal brand is a way to go to market yourself to others. It is the way people choose you over others and keeps coming back for more. Having a strong quality portfolio goes without saying but indeed having a strong personal brand can make your job search easy. If we see the other side one already has a brand. With immense information available to one who googles you and it tells a story about you. being more strategic about that information is a way of controlling the conversation and creating your own narrative, instead of letting others do it for you.

FIND YOUR NICHE: The most important factor behind a personal brand is to understand the USP, what unique skills you have got to offer. Communicating the unique qualities one has that set one apart will pay back.

DRESS THE PART: Our fashion sense is something do tell a lot about our self, the way we dress do determine one’e perception about oneself. A good start is by striking a balance between expressing one’s personality and looking professional depending on the nature of work which can range from a formal tracksuit to formal jumpsuit aligned with formal oxfords or pumps, make sure its should be comfortable and make you feel at ease. One’s wardrobe choices influence your mindset, and feeling comfortable and confident about its appearance will translate to one’s attitude and help work better.

STICK TO YOUR GUNS: Finding the exact ethic and values makes a lot of difference. Figuring out what motivates you like working in collaboration and social good projects is important. Don’t be afraid to be vocal about your passion.

GET SOCIAL: If one is from creative industry and not a social media friendly, it’s something worth to consider, one of the fastest way to promote self and a great way to keep self updated with developments and job opportunities. Keeping self apart from the number of followers focus on the content quality and allow itself to give people a taste of personality and communicate that directly. Be consistent, as for example keeping similar profile images among your social profiles makes a difference.

SELF PROMOTE: Little self hooting about services and products do matter. If your in demand people will love to work along. Going to events and plugging work over social media and to publication house is always a good idea to promote self. If your are a service person let your peers and managers know about your achievement.

BE EASY TO FIND: A website is the best way for anyone to get to know more about your services in detail at the comfort of space and time. Curate your work over online well as quality matters over quantity.

STAY CURRENT: Make sure the CV and any online profiles are up to date. Updating them regularly while one’s accomplishments are still fresh in your mind and so any potential employers checking out online have a clear picture about what your are upto. A ready to go CV always comes handy.

GO THE EXTRA MILE: Joining a community of like minded people to be engaged with and have opinions pays a long way. Doing something else than your usual daily activity is a good option and it makes the individual more appealing to work with.

KEEP IT REAL: Being real or authentic is important. Be true to yourself, being on the same side of online and offline is important and it pays back in long run. Do not let a preoccupation with your Brand get in the way of the really important stuff either or spend more time self promoting than doing hard work of actually honing your craft. The best personal brand is being really good at what you do.


Hello, A self taught commercial visual artist where my work ranges from creating high definition images and cinemagraphs and at times help small or upcoming brands style their product. I am presently based out of Mumbai, India and I love traveling.

Thanks for reading.

See you tomorrow!

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