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The little book IV : Overcoming creative block

It so happens in every creative’s life that we go through a creative block and hence we find it little not so easy to find ideas on regular basis. If your lively hood is depending on your creative skill a creative block is not something one wishes to have. I wish to share few tips and tricks to help you get your work back on track.

LOOK OUTSIDE YOUR GENRE: A little break from your desk and chair is a good option. Get some fresh air. A small walk, or reading a book or indeed a vacation is a good way to shake of the dust and have a new set of perspective to share.

DON’T SURROUND YOURSELF WITH YOURSELF: It’s a good exercise to let self open to others and discuss your plan of action. A new perspective is indeed important, someone whose opinion and judgement matters to you.

PRIORITIZE: A to do list is always handy and it is always a smarter choice to get over things in parts than as a whole. Be ruthless in figuring out what you can delay, deligate or skip altogether.

ACE YOUR SPACE: Your working space and its design do impact a lot on your work and mindset. Here are few pointers you can consider unbiased of your working space dimension.

GET ORGANIZED : Some people swear by organizing their desk every morning before getting down to work, in the belief that a tidy desk equals to a tidy mind.

GO GREEN: Recreate the mood boosting properties of the great outdoors by sourcing up your workspace with some greenery. A fresh supply of daily flowers is always a good option or you can opt for easy to care indoor plants.

LIGHTNING: Sun is a good source of vitamin D and making sure your place is well lit and natural light is a bonus if possible.

MAKE YOUR SPACE UNIQUE: Personalization is always a good option to make your place cozy. Few pictures, postcards can do wonders and keep you motivated.

GET COMFORTABLE: A good set of working table and a chair is must to have, investing over something good will pay you off in a long run.

TUNE IN: Music can go a long way of creating an ambient perfect for working for long hours. Do go for something which is as minimalist as instrumental and least distractible, in-case you are in office invest in a good comfortable pair of headphone.

CHANGE YOUR SCENERY: If your a office person and there is any possibility to work from your cafeteria or terrace a change in environment is amazingly refreshing. If your a freelancer a co-working space or a coffee shop can help you.

DIGITAL DETOX: Go off digital, go old school. Try to switch off your laptop and put your phone on silence and grab a pen and paper, you will be surprised to see how much you can do without distraction.

CUT THE CRAP: Occasional self criticism is healthy to evaluate how your plan in progress and if it is towards your goal. Once you have worked out your step to do initiate the process keeping the pace as steady as possible. Making a long term commitment to streamlining your work output so you are doing more of what you find interesting will likely get you feeling more inspired in the long run.


Hello, A self taught commercial visual artist where my work ranges from creating high definition images and cinemagraphs and at times help small or upcoming brands style their product. I am presently based out of Mumbai, India and I love traveling.

Thanks for reading.

See you tomorrow!

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