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The little book V: public speaking

How to give a kick ass presentation:

To thrive in the creative industries, you have to give a good pitch. Being an effective saleswoman of your work, ideas and yourself- is one of the most useful skills you can cultivate, which means mastering the art of giving convincing presentations.

Here are my few tips and tricks:

WORD COUNT: Keep the number of words on the slide show to minimum is you are planning to talk alongside. A good way to keep the attention intact is good visuals, some eye catching images to support your narrative. Limit yourself to brief headings on each slide and spell out the key points in each slide.

USING NOTES: If you wish to skip the “Aaa..” and “hmmm...” keeps some notes handy. An occasional glance at your notes is much better than losing your train of thought halfway through the presentation. Jot down key prompts, keywords or even the beginnings of sentences to jog your memory.

STRUCTURE AND PACE: Introduction, argument, conclusion: treat giving a presentation like writing an essay and keep all of the sections roughly the same length, with a quick recap at the end to remind your audience of the key points. If your are presenting multiple options for consideration, go into a little more detail on your preferred option- it is simple but effective psychological trick that can help sway your audience towards your choice, without making them feel as though the decision is being made for them.

LOOKS COUNT: Whatever program you choose to create your presentation, keep the formatting tight. it means a consistent use of font- no more than one or two fonts or font sizes - and sleek, crisp - looking slides.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Avoid special effects.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: A well done rehearsal both on your own or in front of your friends is a good practice. Know your presentation inside out in a spontaneous manner. A few ad-libs is great if your are comfortable. Make sure your are good enough to avoid the humms.. and errrs.

BODY TALK: Public speaking is often nerve racking, especially for the new-babes. To avoid the anxiousness here are below few of my fav tips and tricks:

BREATH: A bit of meditation and style breathing is a good practice. It helps you to calm down and helps alleviate any physical signs of nervousness you might be showing.

DRINK WATER: A well hydrated body is a good to go, choose water over alcohol.

EAT SOMETHING: An empty stomach can encourage anxiety, grab a light snack before presentation.

EYE CONTACT: Make eye contact with your audience, dividing it among your audience is a good practice.

TELL A STORY: Rather shooting the audience with pointers, its indeed a good plan to narrate a story, audience connects more with it and find it engaging.

WHAT TO WEAR: A formal or semi formal attire is a good option for such situations, least you will like to end up under spot light wearing a glittering dress and party is nowhere to be seen.

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