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Travelling makes you a better person, how?

The article is not about traveling to as a tourist instead it's the little upper version. Travel and live!

I am born to a middle class family where dad was in a transferable job. Since the day I started understanding the world around, I remember it was a very usual to see people from different community to come together and celebrate, to be honest I never understood the communal misunderstanding.

As the years passed by and I left home for higher studies, living in a different city gave me a new phase, a new book to read. Yes I left my design school keeping one of the reasons it to be a bit communist. I don't wish to get into details but yeah I started getting a taste.

I learnt a lot in all these years being a Traveller and I hope you gain from my experience.

* Not to underestimate the power of language, the more you know the better you get along people. Locals do get amused and feel less awkward if you talk in their tone, you never know who will extend their hand for help and it may turn your journey worth it.

* Food is an universal language, I have rarely seen any fighting over biryani or dhokla, hahahaha...

* older people can be annoying but they have the most amazing stories to share, collect them before they fade away.

* You can be lucky to have a lavish life, but open the door and embrace the simplicity others carry.

* New experiences makes you younger, whatever the age may be.


Hello, I am a photographer and love to travel as anyone else will do. I have lived in many places in my life till date and have gained bags of stories to share. Mumbai is my based I work out of and am open to various opportunities.

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