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Uncertainty Matters?

I wish to thank everyone who supported my writing skill, indeed made me feel persistence do make things happen. I often wonder what if things sways you with itself for your best, take you up and down the bad and the good. Make you meet the cunning and the saint, feed you the poison and the pure. We all spend ages to gain experience which defines you as a person. We all look for answers for our existence, few gain the strength to run and run and many loves to halt under the shade best suited.

The inconsistency and unpredictability is something we are not taught to fall in love with. I write to let my introvert me to share what I feel and have in mind with you all, I have seen quite a lot in a short span of time and somehow have started loving the waves. I am happy, really happy to see what I saw and feel a little closure to the people who are made more than they expected. Human mind is not just meant to keep secrets but indeed share things in the most unimaginable manner, and when one let it self flow with the tide, the best things starts taking shape. This year I almost lost a dear friend of mine and blogging was never my cup of tea until one day I felt may be its time. The loss made me more independent, I know his love is with me and I know he wishes the best for me and so do I, but it was again a time to jump into the ship and sail far away. I learnt things which I was scared I could do without him. He ended up giving me the courage few have.I have met many humans so do monsters, well lets get back to the case of unpredictability, we all are frustrated in some or the other way, we all have endless wishes in our wish list. We are not born to be perfect yet we all fight to be one and then one day sitting by the side of the ocean, the tide goes so high that it plans to take you for a ride and let you force to see a new perspective in life. I may sound repeating a small message but its indeed fascinating, may be other species do go through but we never know. What fascinates me is the surprise every day keeps for you, how we end up either flowing or bending the wind, well depends if its avoidable. So the question arise is planning is a good deal to deal a life in general, a scheduled life makes you more productive and disciplined, for sure.

But do giving a space to unpredictability is practical or not. We all know how the coming world is shaping up and how we humans are dividing. I know its too much to think in the middle of your work and lets ponder something it do force you to peep a little into yourself.Well, I guess enough of my intellectualism for today...


I am shovona, a freelance visual artist, a commercial portrait and product photographer and a product stylist. I am presently based out of Mumbai, India.

Thanks for reading.

See you tomorrow.

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