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It always an immense pleasure to meet a woman who proves her worth right in this competitive world. I had this honor to portray Chandni Gupta, Fund manager of ICICI Prudential AMC.

Documenting one in the limitation both in the form of space and time is a game really helps me to become a better person and a photographer. As like every other traditional corporate shoot I was given a competitive time frame to portray her in the most formal and semi formal fashion. As like any other shoot I do try to do my homework as much as possible, from deciding the mood-board, to the attire to location within and out side the office.

A complete list of do and don't from the PR team of the company do helped me a lot to understand their needs. Moreover its important to know the limitations to avoid any errors.

A compact team just helps the person be at ease as much as possible, keeping in mind these people are not exactly habitual to get photographed as often as any professional model or a self obsessed person will be.

I got to meet Chandni on the day of the shoot and she was as excited as possible though she was bit self conscious, well here apart me being a photographer I do need to have the skill to help raise her confidence regarding her looks and make her feel the best of what she is. I guess my love for human psychology didn't go waste.. :D

We kept few locations in mind, and she was a darling enough to be cooperative and indeed her billion dollar smile was cherry on the top. It was a bit difficult to have any pr-knowledge about her over any online platforms.. to understand her liking, but I loved this very challenge and you see only a working woman can understand the other and things went quite smooth. Keeping them interested in their choice of topic works like a magic, as I didn't knew she will be open to reschedule to have more of her pictures done, though I was quite unsuccessful to talk over mutual funds and neither she was about photography .. but I felt this was also something common between us.. that we both were quite clueless about each others job.

It was indeed a fun day.. though it was all done under a very short time .. but you see...

"You can't start a fire without a spark..."

by: Bruce Springsteen

I wish her all my very best..!


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