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As you all must be observing I have been writing and sharing my views with your all via my notes, and it makes my day that people do read it. To be honest I never started with the agenda of people reading in, in-fact blogging was never in my mind for a long time , until my brother really convinced me it to be an important part of being a creative.

As I am progressing I realized that I need to structure it better, give it a meaning and give one a reason to come back to see more.

Something which is very dear to me is body positivity, it took me a long time to fall in love with myself, have a sense of presentation and to accept the way I am, indeed I always try to improve.

But never the less I love helping people who think low of self, it is something I have realized which makes me happy and gives my life a purpose.

Few words which describe me are chatterbox, mix and match, risk taker, visual artist, avid cook and last but not the least a muay-thai enthusiast. Well the very aspect of healthy leaving is a combination of lot of aspect and what matters me the most if when I am most productive and it so happens that people who are aware of their good and bad and yet love self are at peace and reach their goals faster.

I invite you all to join me in my journey and help me connect with who think their existence is not perfect specially externally.

We all have scars, we all have those texture we keep thinking low about it, lets redefine beauty. Help me to help you to feel better about yourself.

If your are someone confused about its dressing aspect, new to dating apps, scared or confused of few mental issues, have problem dealing with clients being a freelancer, wanna grab few tips and tricks about photography or simply interested to know more about me..

Follow me on Instagram at SHOVONAKARMAKAR

Trust me , I completely understand the feeling when you judge yourself left right and center in front of the mirror and those perfect looking images over magazine makes you feel low about self.. let me help you to discover the new you!

Really looking forward to hear more from you all..


Hello, I am Shovona, a freelancer commercial photographer, product stylist and a body positive blogger based out of Mumbai, India.

Thanks for reading...

See you tomorrow!

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