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What exactly is freelancing?

Freelancing is a chance you give it to itself to test your real potential, you search the real you in the phase. You meet the real you!

The gambling one plays with its destiny by being on the not so safe side do make one a real hero in some way, but the price the hero needs to be paid is quite unknown by many. It doesn’t only exactly effect the individual but it take the people connected in the club with no invitation. The ups and downs are scary and do tear one apart mentally. Its the pure passion which can drive a person through the crazy roller coaster.

If its not the real way of living why people opt for one.? Its a way to do something more personal and more improvised. Take any multinational cooperation, almost all followed the path of passion and reached the point leading others to dream similar. Its not for the faint heart that I wish to clear to all.

I am freelancing professionally past 4 years now, and till date things are not same and similar. I had and I do face my share of hassle on everyday basis. If I have to be honest even the personal knots do comes my way. I am a human I am an artist and every aspect of my life effects my performance. Being a professional doesn't mean I am a calculated bot but indeed I try to act my part with complete honesty.

I am a photographer by profession, I am generally been hired for my portraits, product food and composites and really looking forward to hear from the talented.. Mad head Art guys to collaborate with.

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