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What if I had a Ginnie and 3 wishes...

Being a 90s kid Aladdin is not a stranger to me. I have always drooled for the handsome Aladdin and had hots for jasmine, but Ginnie is still my dream and I don't mind if it comes true specially when I know what I have in mind.. I am curious to know what you have in mind if 3 wishes is all you get to come true.

I was born and brought up around various towns but dreaming big was not a thing... Mumbai was a dream which I can't believe it came true.

So the three wishes I wish my Ginnie can bring it to reality

MONEY AND LOTS OF MONEY: For many I am living a dream life, a creative, freelance, Mumbai, living solo.. Bandra West.. well yes its all my good karma I guess.. but money is not something I have earned a lot much and I honestly drool for it. Money is a necessity not an option, all the material needs for a basic living is all connected to MONEY! For me its a ticket to let people know the possibility of my creative ability by creating content. I am not a wanderlust but I love meeting people and visiting those old walls.. history lures me, gives me high. Something which is very dear to me and I am been very emotional about it is to Sponsor a deserving one.. we all get stuck in expanding our capabilities just due to lack of stupid money, a financial point.. commercial statement.

Well in short money is a kind of solution to a lot of my problems and dreams.. well it is for many.. but inner peace is something which can't be tagged its just within one.

A SUPER BRAIN: I am pretty sure many will be aware of the concept of LIMITLESS and the movie has always given me chills, a super brain, what it is? and does it really exist. YouTube is pretty much advertising such courses available by many, though I really question the credential of it but there is no harm giving a try. Brain is a complex computer, its ability is still a mystery and as we are been dumped with so much of information every single second.. every single day its mind boggling, raising a thought if its possible to learn everything we come across, will a glance in a book will be enough to know what it consist and more. I really don't mind having a super brain!

THREE MORE WISHES PLEASE: Hahaha.. I am smart I know!

Thanks for reading.. this is Shovona, a freelance commercial photographer based out of Mumbai, India. and those were my three wishes.. what about you... let me know..! Excited..

See you tomorrow!

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