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What we need to do ASAP for better future.

2018, this 21st century doesn’t only come with the advancement humanity has discovered but it has also gave birth to various issues which is a mere cancer for the planet. No other species on the earth has ruined the planet as much as humans have. Yes! it’s not exactly something I am proud off indeed at times I do find myself guilty.

Its very much said world war III is on the way and it will be all based on availability of fresh water. What exactly is the issue, apart from greed and ignorance, ego is indeed a issue which has led to these worldwide tension.

Here are my 5 top things we need to ponder and act ASAP.

LOOSE WEIGHT: Well loosing weight has nothing to do with the impact on the planet with its decreased weight, it is a mere way to say to all to optimize the need in terms of food. Obesity is a worldwide disease and you believe or not major food companies do ignore the fact of the impact of their food over us. Stuffing self with fast food is not taking us anywhere for long healthy life. The urge of eating mindlessly fuels such companies which sucks energy required for its production in an un-monitored fashion.

PLASTIC POLLUTION: Its quite self explanatory that how much plastic has created chaos. If we really think hard plastic was never something which came from nature, its indeed a pure man made thing. Disintegration of this very element is quite long and at times not possible without leading an impact. A simple act of carrying a jute or a cotton bag can immensely reduce the collection we have of those mini thin polys. Reduce Recycle and Reuse a very practical way to monitor such elements. If its sounds you interesting that your recycle guy will be giving you money in return of those glass bottles and plastic and cardboard boxes will you now think to act accordingly? I hope yes! There is no corner on earth which is not affected by this, indeed we have seen various cases of dead whales on the mere sea shore in various parts of the planet.

PRACTICE HUMANITY: Following a community which has its own distinct believes is nothing wrong, what is impractical and inhumane is to act against someone in the name of it. I am not saint to tell you the right way to gain Moksh! but yes Karma is a bitch and you make and break your own by yourself. A communal and religious tension has impacted thousands of lives in past many decades and for sure no one is ready to be a part of it. Acting as a human being a human is a sole way to solve this worldwide issue. We share the planet among many, we don’t own it, infact being a mortal being we have a very distinct time frame to achieve our goal and helps others to get theirs.

GROW YOUR OWN VEGGIES: It may sound very tough, for some very unpractical but its as simple as bringing a pot into the house next to your window. The act of growing your veggies teaches you a lot, let you make aware of the hard-work farmers put into it in terms of growing it in mass. Excess food pollution is a hidden problem many are not aware, rejection of food on the basis of its appearance may sound very stupid but its indeed a reality.

TRAVEL WITH PURPOSE: Yes, we travel to places for the mere pleasure and some in the name of break. But its high time we travel with purpose, many may not be aware but as we have misconceptions about other countries for example Nigeria being a country of criminals and drug dealers, even they have misinformation about us. Exchange of ideas and how we stand and understanding what they stand for help us to get rid of information which just brings tensions. False news do add fuel to the fire, and it can only be put off with the mere truth.


Hi, myself Shovona, a full time commercial photographer and now a body positive blogger presently based out of Mumbai, India. I being an artist is a sensitive person, things around me impact the way I think about others and myself. Being a humanitarian I see myself as being a mere part of this beautiful planet and I believe its important to give back.

Thanks for reading

See you tomorrow..

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