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When you need it most, Savings 101.

In every freelance life there comes a phase or a stage when the phone stops ringing and there is this vacuum where the person doesn't understand why there is no calling. In short no opportunities knocking the door.

Every good to go freelancer or an entrepreneur has undergone the above and then the inner awakening happens. The sensibility to tackle opportunities and money.

Finance is a part very much neglected keeping a thought in mind, more is on the way and we have the right to live as if its the last day in life. Often people take the statement in a literal sense and doesn't think about the future. Savings is an bigger aspect than what one considers it to be. Emergency doesn't give you a fore say and when it comes your financial stability determines a lot how you are gonna tackle the issue.

Our parents and generation before were very successful enough, may be because they had least expectations and fancies from their life. The exercise to save is a gift you will always be great full to yourself.

Savings comes in many ways and they are easy to practice though they need a little of restraint from yourself if you want it to be a success. Limiting your needs on monthly and yearly basis do checks the expenditure. Looking for sale and multiple platforms to get the maximum in the least is a good exercise.

Our banks have amazing schemes to help you save and many where your money will be locked for a certain period of time for you to create the same blockage in mind but the returns are fruitful. I personally swear by PPF and FIxed Deposits and I have gained quite a lot in past many years. Contact your bank about the plans they have with the high interest rate.

Investment is a good way for your money to grow, SIP is a quite a new word for many but if done in a healthy way the returns are amazing.

Gold is again an investment which will never let you down, keep the bill intact in-case you wish to exchange it for more gold or money from the desired shop.

Collection of artifacts may sound fancy but its a risky trade to be into, as the industry runs a lot on the based of contacts and presentation, I suggest avoid getting into gambling as much as possible.

A simple act of keeping 60% of your earning as saving is quite a task but its a best way to avoid unnecessary expenses. The phase where no opportunities knock your door do exist in my life and savings is something I swear by. One of the investment I do and it never disappoints is education, upgrading your skill with new knowledge is never an expenditure indeed you open a new door to earn an extra cash. Money is not everything but it do has the power to solve many of your materialistic problems. Fulfillment of dreams is when your alive, you are in a space to think afresh. Money may not be everything but it do makes your life little easier.

Savings is like your best friend and a confidence.

Few things I personally practice to keep my expenditure checked.

  • Keeping a menu beforehand lets me buy food accordingly plus I avoid ordering food or going out on daily basis.

  • I often check my wardrobe and sort the clothing accordingly to avoid the very feeling of "I have nothing to wear" .

  • With every assignment I set aside 50% to 60% of the fees for PPF (I pay the max limit annually to gain the maximum interest)

  • I do keep my traveling checked with all possible public transport.

  • Every sale is not smart move but I do keep a n eye over it to grab one when its priced the least


Hi there, its me Shovona, a freelance #commercial #photographer, #cinemagraph artist and a product #stylist based out of #Mumbai India. Feel free to get in touch. For any work related queries you are just a call away.

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