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Why I Chose Mumbai over other Indian cities.

It is been 6 years I am in Mumbai and itself is a story. A journey I had it all alone and learnt so much about the city and myself. I am pretty sure I have nothing extra ordinary to share and many will be able to relate to it, but still I wanna let people know, specially who are planning to shift to this Mega-city of chaos, dreams, disappointments, hustle and the dangers every city is born with which I have talked about it in my past YouTube videos.

  • Why I shifted to MUMBAI?: I completed my graduation in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History from Vishwa-Bharti University, West Bengal in the year 2013 and with no other obvious choice I had of earning a living out of it I planned to shift to Mumbai. The city is the main hub of commercial arts with all the happening creatives getting produced every single day, opportunities are massive here. Yes it was my first ever major leap I was going to take in my life which I don’t regret till date.

  • How I found an apartment: I live solo in a studio apartment which is quite good enough for any bachelor, and keeping in mind the budget I had and I have I am pretty happy to live in between the happening part of Bandra west, the Brooklyn of Mumbai! When I shifted I was living in a tiny space on a temporary basis, post my major fail with FB pages (I don’t mean to discourage) and no No-Broker sites I had to get hold of a broker, who gave me a pretty good deal. Bombay have serious space issues and yes the estate value is high as compared to any city but if your luck works for you I have seen many getting a good deal. I wish to add, Facebook pages is a good way to get connected with those who are looking to share a space, its indeed a good deal to save extra bucks (make sure your dietary habits and nature goes parallel, keeping in mind you have to share the space for a time you are there and for sure you wish to come back to your nest for the peace it’s meant to give you). No-Broker sites are sadly not successful yet but no harm giving a try. Word of mouth is a good way to not only get a space who is looking for a mate or tenant but even a good broker with good reviews.

  • How to manage my expenses: There is no denial its indeed an expensive city, specially where major chunk of your earning goes to rent, but this doesn’t make everything over board, remember its a place where people from all walks of live together. Food and traveling are the other two major things which adds on to your expenses. Local trains, buses, pooling are the best way to reduce the burden, cooking by self or treating self in those local places are honestly harmless. Fine dining is something one should avoid if you have a money crunch and checking your weekend chilling is must. These are something I learnt being in Mumbai. It may sound scary to many but cycling is not exactly a bad option, sure parking choices are rare but good enough to ditch those heavy traffic and use those narrow lanes for your benefits, I have reached Haji ali from Bandra in 45 mins, almost similar to a taxi but indeed I ended up saving a good amount and didn’t feel guilty about missing my gym for the day.

  • How I earn my living: I am a freelancer and take various assignments ranging from commercial photography to modelling to art direction. Yes alike any other freelancer I don’t have any study income and I do make sure to save and invest as much as possible in various bonds for the money to grow as I take my nap.

I hope there is obviously something for you to take away and in-case you want to add or ask anything please mention it in the comment below of feel free to connect me over my mail:

Thanks for reading...See you tomorrow!

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