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why not to follow brands

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Loving the fact that we connect self with brands, do states a lot about our life, our taste and the financial status. Brands bring value to our life, we can trust them far more easily. Brands define their agenda aloud and clear, they sustain a mantra and we believe in, all because we wish to be a part of it.

Branding and promotion doesn't come without a loyal audience. An audience who is always up to see more from it and invest with no second thoughts.

There is a severe concern about brand promotion by various international law, the power to control how they wish us to see things is a concern. We live in an era of endless possibility to get connected and make self aware of things. There is one more industry which let an individual make self a brand, a mantra to follow and believe. The multi million film making industry specially in India is quite shocking at present point of time. Selling a film in the name of various known actors with no actual film plot is a mere waste of money, well protected by the law where you can't exactly claim it back and hence ranting is the only way you will like to showcase your agitation. An industry which promises you an hour and two of pure entertainment is for sure a subjective thing to talk about but the trend of selling away impractical and senseless stories just on the verge of superstars is not fair.

We have grown up seeing few of them giving us the best of memories to cherish, when the same gives nothing later in return is very disappointing. Censor board is hard on many who wish to project fresh perspective on the screen, igniting the inner soul of ours on various aspect of the society. As we will evolve so do the perceptive and if we are going to keep it old school I am not sure how people are gonna learn to see things afresh and think and act accordingly if any similar situation is there to face.

Major online platforms are available where censor board doesn't exactly have a say for now and I see many are eager to work with better concepts and better ethics, lets say brands have not yet lost their sane.

The culture will remain for next few years is not sure against the voices which will keep raising self to present its perspective, in such case things are more complicated for many story tellers to be honest to self.

Its comes to you now to give selective value, giving a second thought before investing and comparing its past and present involvement with its own passion. A mark which defines as a whole is for sure a dream for all, sadly not gained by all but its not impossible at all.

Next time, before you purchase, before you invest, before you plan think again if its worthy enough as it was in your last interaction.

Following an actor and running for its first day and first show keeping in mind the no. of sad concepts he has not entertained you with in past, should raise questions, yes being an admirer is an emotional act and its way to hard to detach the feeling which fulfills your dreams, which fuels your dream cart. But darling its a world of evolution, every one has a spark and a time to glow as bright as a star but then even a star has its own dawn, promoting more upcoming talents is one way to help bring more stars to stare on and so do justifying your investment.

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Hello, Myself shovona, a freelance commercial photographer and a product stylist based out of Mumbai, India. I have an issue of overthinking, a skill to scan a matter layer by layer and my blog is the only way I feel do justice to my introvert nature.

Hope you like it..

Thanks for reading..

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