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Why not to go for freebies.

We all get so attracted to freebies, anything coming with no worth attached is quite tempting and we always choose it over other. Well let me come to the point, have you ever thought of investment? No bank gives you a return or in their words interest unless you invest in them. No SIP or mutual funds works without investment. The very word investment is more than just money in return of money, yes having a sense of smart choice is important and it do makes a difference if your return is as per your expectation. Then why we choose free knowledge, why we are so attracted to the knows and dos and don’t which comes for free over many social platform, sadly people are devoid of the thing of the half led fact they share with you.

What if you were taught for free by your parents at your house for the entire phase of your school life, do you really think the quality of the knowledge you will receive will be at par with those in the school, be it an national or international board, yes knowledge in today’s world is not for free and that’s for a reason which is very much justified if you think deep. Anything free is not exactly one should consider in every aspect of life or else, especially when things for free mostly don’t come with guarantee. The aspect of the quality check of the fact being shared is ignored when shared for free as oppose to when charged. Well we all know know how piracy has become a problem in many aspects, I do not wish to comment over it, but yes I personally have never much gained by it. Ways of revenue is enormous in today’s world, sharing knowledge is a big business and its growing in a rapid speed, for the people who are eager to invest and gain it are at a side which others seeks as success as opposed to one who still look for alternative. Now the difference is where you invest and who gives you transparency, the experience comes as you take chances and gain knowledge about which remains to be good over other. I always loved the fact about being into the creative industry is its ever growing and there is so much to study.Yes I have mentioned few links in my previous blog one can choose like,, RGG, Masterclass, Khan academy and please feel free to add to the list in the comment below.The aspect of paid knowledge is for the one who wanna know the fact in detail, wanna decode the unsaid, wanna climb the ladder the way it should be to reach your goal faster.Invest in knowledge has been the best you can gift it yourself and what you get in return is more than you can think off. Next time when one charges for its workshop, e-book or a offline or online class, engage yourself, Quality knowledge never comes for free.


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