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Wood apple dipped black rose tea

who doesn't like a nice cuppa tea.. Personally I die for one nice cuppa tea for myself but grabbing the same everyday is not my thing. I tend to get bored easily, which is in a way good and bad at the same time. One thing to share with you all is I am a tea lover and I collect and I love to mix and match things to give it a new meaning... new flavor.

If your are one of those who runs away from plain non milk tea thinking it to be bland, well I guess you need to give a try to this.. A nice wood apple dipped black rose tea. Its aromatic, its sweet and its awakening.


Keep all the ingredients a table spoon enough to serve 3 to 4 cups.

Dry rose petals

Kashmiri kawa

Clove powder

Cinnamon powder

Wood apple Honey (to taste)

Dried apple


Bring filtered water to boil, add all the ingredients except wood apple honey, and let it steep for a good 10 to 15 min (depending how intense you want the taste)

To add: Its has a mild caffeine concentration

Add wood apple honey as per your taste and wallah your morning tea is ready.

Its lazy and its yummm!

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