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FIve must have things as a freelancer

As a freelancer, we challenge each day we live and pass by. There is a roller coaster we ride on each morning and we don't exactly know how it will end up, all we know is we want the day to be worth it. Freelancing is like a dance, choreographed differently with each passing hour. The beauty stretches from having a cold day to something exciting we were not aware of, emails from an unknown client wishing to collaborate for a sum good enough to someone just fishing around. As the sole heart of your own company, it teaches you so much.

Something we often neglect is to embrace the aspect of itself we pass by. We are low, we happy, we are jealous and we are angry and more.

Here are five things we must have to understand, it is totally fine to have such feelings.


I love the fact of doing a job I love to do and earn something I feel is worth every effort, well once in a blue moon I do get clients who respect my job and conditions and the joy is a forever feeling I wish I can have.

Getting up early in the morning and adding my thoughts over my blog and social media to help freelancers and anyone again brings me joy. I love to add value to my life and it helps me to add value to myself.


As Google says: In fact, the feeling of envy refers to wanting something that someone else has, such as a fast car or a house in the Hamptons. Jealousy, however, is more aptly described as the fear of losing something (a lover, promotion, friend, etc.) to someone else. "Jealousy is an anticipatory emotion.

As a freelance commercial photographer, I feel jealous almost from time to time, but this very feeling pushes me to do something worth the feeling. Now it is not prerogative to be a freelancer to have such a feeling but it is something we do have it a little more than having a full-time job. We may end up seeing our mates be better in life and enjoying the basic leisure, traveling every next month to a destination we thought off and having that so-called pseudo perfect life. It is indeed a healthy thing to have and avoiding to over drool is something you have to have control, we are devoid of the fact of what they are up to in life and indeed one should ponder to understand how we can fix ourselves.


This is a constant thing we live with, so uncertain is our life, but don't blame it to your job indeed a person with a 9 to 7 even goes through it. The ever-fluctuating economy does less harm to freelancers than the other. Again drooling over a myth or fact that tomorrow doesn't exist is everyone's problem, but this very fear let us be present at whatever we have and we are doing.

The pro is it pushes us to do more, to add value to our lives.

The con is it at times forces as to sit and do nothing.

Extreme of both is what we need to fear not the very feeling of it.


Many often interpret one's sadness and loneliness as something antisocial, if you read and flip back the pages of the masters of its own art, this secluding act has let it discover the true potential. I am not stating it to be a good thing to have but I feel it's one of the must things to have as an artist of its own tools. Many articles have supported Metime to be productive and a self-interpretation is a must for the brain to ponder and generate ideas. When you are free of distractions and your mind starts adding the blocks together, it's indeed productive in a way you have never thought of. I am no psychologist to give you a detailed insight but I have found myself doing some amazing things when I feel left alone.


Ohh, well these things are a sum whole of everything and adding anything to it not worth it. It's indeed a feeling for many but in case you suffer I highly encourage you to consult a doctor.

Hii, I am shovona, a freelance commercial photographer who resides in the economic hub of India, Mumbai. As an artist, I undergo the above almost every day and I am here to support others to let them feel cool about anything happening in life.

Feel free to contact me for any portrait, corporate, food, product photography related queries or just drop a hi! at


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