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How to be better at instagram

We all love being loved and love being known and acknowledged, the human attitude of being in good books of others is a need, healthy though we mark it as insecurity. How true it is a matter of how you approach. The explosion of the internet and the beginning of a new era called social media may keep our parents a little way off and help them to stick to old traditional ways of being in a family and extend when needed. We the millennials sadly are losing the track of being behind the line. Yes, we are way more connected to people than ever before and it's way too easy for many companies to understand you as a person before you going to give an interview and getting recruited. I guess you don't believe me? It is indeed a fact of today's world that the company you wish to work for may have scanned your social presence and the way you interact with your audience at a personal and public level way before you even submitted an application to get accepted. Many of my clients may not judge my skill based on my social followers and presence but they do love to know more than the work factor.

Now coming back to the question of how well-skilled are we to have a well mannered social life on a social media platform? You may either just made a profile to be on the path of the upcoming influencer or someone who is just there to know the world more than the mere four walls of your usual office or studio. There are a few things which I have observed which many other blogs will guide you to do to brings one's attention (the one you admire) or connect someone for any collaboration related activity. They tend to miss the pointers one should follow to keep the sanity alive. Let me be very honest, texting is worst way to put your thoughts in place mainly in social media platforms, you miss your tone, you use too many words, you do sound pushy and needy though your agenda was to be humble enough unless you are some copywriter whose profession revolves around curated bunch of words provoking one to raise the tone in its mind. Huh..! we all can't be yet it is important to understand what to do and where to stop to lead to any misunderstanding.

Lately, Instagram, post been taken over by Facebook has made it algorithm quite challenging for many new users to gain traffic and paid promotion does involve money but it is not meant for everyone to put it from its one pocket. Well, organic marketing follows the old school method which many find taxing. My friends and else I have heard many tactics people tend to follow to gain attention or followers but they often forget what not to do. The worst thing you will like to do to yourself is getting yourself in the "avoid/block/report" book of others.


Many articles have suggested the act of following an account and in return, they may follow you back and when they don't, one ends up unfollowing. The scratch my back policy is annoying and random followers are not going to lead your agenda anywhere, people are smart and smart ones are patient and they are very particular about whom they follow and by whom they wish to get followed.

Design a well-thought profile providing something back to your viewers, that is good enough for the trespasser to "Follow" you!


Instagram is a great platform to connect to people and the option to connect someone on a personal level gives leverage to share your thoughts and opportunities. Sadly many tend to misuse it. The sheer interest to gain the "special" attention and making random conversation may sound a great move to have a conversation and I don't deny many do like it, but I am targeting people who are running a business/blog over the platform. Be respectful to people, be honest about your reasons to connect. A lure statement about one's personal life and the very act of getting too personal without even knowing the person is not cool.


We need to understand every person has a right to privacy, and one has to respect it even if you do not like it. Instagram has evolved in the past many years sadly people have gone reverse. It is a platform where people love sharing life, emotion, ideas in a visual format and they may not be here to make friends. I have seen much where people love to get too intrusive to understand me more than what I have to offer. Sadly they go sexual, sexist, communist, yes people do so!

Understand your line which you are not supposed to cross.

There has been a drastic fall of ethics where people forget when to not to cross the very line. Social media might have brought us closer but we are losing the concept of mutual understanding and respect. Freedom of speech is now a social abuse and bullying. We are now more prone to venerability, my real concern is how we are shaping the coming generation, I find it really scary and I will be honest, social media is, in reality, might give you a company strong enough to make you feel self-satisfied and entertained, sadly it is making us more lonely than ever.

We, humans, are not meant to be alone, as a social and communal animal that we are and however we say we like our "Me time" we grow with others, we evolve with others.

Hii, I am shovona, a freelance commercial photographer who resides in the economic hub of India, Mumbai. As an artist, I undergo the above almost every day and I am here to support others to let them feel cool about anything happening in life.

Feel free to contact me for any portrait, corporate, food, product photography related queries or just drop a hi! at


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