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The magic of 600 seconds

We just need 10 minutes to have a mindblowing start for the day especially if you are working from home. 10mins is nothing very scientific but a personally tested regime that works wonders for many. The restriction lets you get over with something and keeping your attention span intact. We, humans, are evolving with a degrading quality of commitment and attention span. We flip from one job to the other and we similarly flip from one relationship to the other.

However, the options will expand and we will be mutated enough to not to stick to something sincerely, this 10min practice is a way to go if you don't know to understand the side effects of your monkey mind.

I am not giving away any magic tips and tricks, neither I am slipping anything extraordinary but basics stick longer than you think and basics are what makes you look cool and basics are what we crave for at the end of the day. I have the top 5 basic 600 seconds exercise good enough to change the way we live and to initiate our mornings.

IT STARTS FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE: A good morning is always been a pre-marinated dish, you need to put aside and get done with many things a night before you start your day after. Sorting what you want to wear and preparing your bag is one of them, have you thought of flushing and getting nice dental hygiene done, we all in-fact a majority of people suffer from dental hygiene. Your mouth is a factory of many bacteria pulping inside you as you sleep, killing them not only gives you a feel-good factor to go but no insecurity kissing your better half a goodnight and as well as a good morning.

There is this trick which does works for late awakers, brushing and flushing your mouth prior a goodnight let you be awake a little early. I don't know how it works but it works amazingly well, especially for someone like me who loves to sleep.

Sorting the list of things needs to be done is also much practiced, it is indeed optional as many feel good about planning the day about as the first thing in the morning and both works.

For those who live alone or have someone to take care of, pre-preparing a meal or at least keeping them arranged and set to go saves time. All this you can't do in 10 minutes but break it up.

MAKE YOUR BED FOR TONIGHT: We are up, we grab our phones and we get distracted. We bump on our own plans and we bang many to set the day. 10 minutes is a good analogy to do something and achieve one job at a time, the feeling of fulfillment from various jobs done make the day worth it, setting your bed for the day is one way to go and don't forget to change your sheet once a week.

The bed is a heaven where we dream, we share, we cry, we laugh, we stare and we ponder over things and things we want and we don't want. We love the fact of sleeping and it is always in our hands to set the tone of how we do it.

I have met many minimalistic who love a fresh set of white sheets and it is totally fine as nothing much to ponder about, I have even loved one who loves to use the bed as its canvas with as many pillows as possible and throwing some lovely set of textured sheets and comforters hurts no one. There are many ways to set the dream you like it, just make sure it is something you desire from within as it shapes the dreams you dream.

GET INTO YOUR OWN SKIN: Let's creep out, getting into your own skin is anytime better than someone getting into your skin. Ancient Vedas, I don't know if it says or not but stepping into the arena of meditation has helped me a lot and guided meditation is for anyone who has a monkey mind like myself, I admit it! My mind has always struggled to struggle with my ever nonstop thoughts, and it has given me anxiety like never before. Antidepressants do take care of the lack of many things in my brain and I am somewhere dependent on it, if you are looking for a place to begin from HEADSPACE is a good way to go from its 3 min session to 10, 15 and 20 is a place from my personal experience to start your journey into meditation. The best part you just need your phone and pair of headphones (I use a noise cancellation JBL headset) or speaker incase your phone has low-intensity in case of volume.

Try it! It has helped me to put myself to sleep better and have a better temperament towards life and others unless they talk crap.

BE MEAN TO CLEAN: 10 mins may not be sufficient to have a deep cleaning session and we are talking here about those small tasks which give you the feel-good factor, arranging your desk or your work station is a way to start doesn't matter if your work from home or an office, an altar next to my work table has helped to groom my mind, few things you can consider keeping next to you while working which can help to lift your mood.

  1. A bowl of almonds: gives you no excuse to boost your mind and soul with some goodness.

  2. Picture of your loved ones: Always makes you feel connected and belong to someone.

  3. A nice candle: I personally love one from Song of India and oh man its heaven (be careful where you keep it)

  4. A pen and a notepad: With everything to note down in your phone, little good old school tricks go a long way. Writing once is like reading something for 26 times.

DON'T MISS THAT CALL: I am living all alone past 15 years and eventually stopped having any homesickness but the attachment, I have with my parents is inseparable however and how many fights I have with them. We all love to go and fly in our own sky and leaving them behind to deal with their own anxiety and loneliness. Past many years I have realized the effort to be in touch with them and make them feel being with me has helped me count my blessings. 10min is all you need to give a call and be dedicated to it. Don't do anything while you call someone who means a lot to you. I can't put enough stress how much a call can build your relationship

the list may go on but I guess these things will not take much from you, teaching basics of life is a privilege and we are somewhere getting detached.

I hope this article may help you to connect yourself back to you and your roots.


Hii, I am shovona, a freelance commercial photographer who resides in the economic hub of India, Mumbai. As an artist, I undergo the above almost every day and I am here to support others to let them feel cool about anything happening in life.

Feel free to contact me for any portrait, corporate, food, product photography related queries or just drop a hi! at


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