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Photography is not going to live long

Stating the above that photography is not a futuristic profession for many who are thinking to get into will do make you upset about reality. One needs to understand why I am saying so and there is a way to go about it even if you feel strongly about it, the fact is traditional photography is for those who wish to feed their soul, in case you are planning to feed your bank you have to work and think a little more different. I have written about it in the past and I feel strongly about it and I wonder often hence here is the other piece I wish to share.

In the past 10 years of being into photography, I have seen drastic changes from an application like photoshop restricted to computers to many you can access in your phone and i-pad making working station mobile. Yes, Google has restricted downloading those images for free but there are many stock photo websites that are quite pocket-friendly and give rights for commercial use in case your work is liked by some and wishes to buy it from you. There has been a drastic change from mere white balance to crazy color toning. A change in the shift from beautiful pictures to hyper-realistic surrealism and abstract is also well admired now. It is more about the concept than just the picture.

That now brings me to the agenda of the article. The present era is more about current social issues and how effective your work is to evoke emotions and bring change in the people and society. It is not tough but indeed forces one to be more sensitive and observant about it and around.

I have personally seen a change in the quality of retouching from buttery smooth to quality texture. I have seen a change in commercial concepts from selling it to the fair and lovely to the color.

These changes may sound minor but the artistic approach in the commercial world is undergoing a healthy yet very competitive change.

If you ask me what one should do to survive is very simple, think, observe and come with a fresh perspective about present situations around which are good enough to bring some impact.

As a visual designer, I have even felt a need to go to a formal institution but I will be honest I have learned most of my lessons in the practical, dealing with people is something no institution can teach you but technicality is all now available online in various subscription platforms. If I have to guide people who don't have money to go abroad and wish to learn, I can't stress enough on online education. Various amazing professionals are sharing their knowledge at the ease of your time and space. The era we are living in is the best mankind can see.

I am not sure how the future of visual designing is gonna take shape and different professionals are going to have a subjective perspective which is indeed fair enough. I being a commercial photographer and product stylist, my dual specialization has helped me to grab many assignments which have also led me to showcase what I have to offer. I am very much interested in film making and I so wish to combine all I have and share a fresh perspective to my clients and followers in the future. I don't shy away if I need to combine 3D artwork with photography if my project needs so, my present agenda is to prevent self from stagnation and let my creative juices flow and think more vivid than possible. As per the marketing strategy and building a brand for self it is going as complex and confusing as it was before, social media platforms will come and go and many will suit certain group of professionals and certain will not be exactly your cup of tea. The marketing strategy will be an ever-evolving and experiment topic for you. Certain aspects like sharing your work and letting people know your workflow will not gonna be old school for sure. Being there every day and let people know you exist is basics and it is going to be a part of your profession as long as you wish to be there.

There is something one should avoid is


To sum up the above, check the following below:

  • Understand the basics of photography, Graphic design, logo making, film making, illustration or anything you wish to be.

  • Invest in value equipment like computer, camera, graphics tablet, i-pad.

  • Online education is a good choice to consider.

  • Learn and study something about it every single day to keep self updated.

  • Combine one skill with others to bring a fresh perspective to your clients, keep investing in the future.

  • Learn and understand social media both which exist and the one upcoming, for now, understand Instagram, Youtube, and blogging.

  • Keep self-informed about the people in your respective field and look out for one who inspires you.

  • Understand the marketing strategy and what you should do to help your brand grow.

  • Be open to possibilities.

  • Be observant about things around you and explore your medium in and around it.

Hi, myself Shovona, a freelance commercial photographer based out of Mumbai India. I have styled images for various brands and work as a full-time freelance portrait, food, and product photographer. I also share various tips and tricks regarding freelancing and photography on my Instagram account.


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