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Why we never stop evolving

Evolution is an important aspect of we as being humans. Charle's theory of the survival of the best leads to evolution and there is something which keeps hitting me back since my high school we "Discover" we don't "Invent". My high school English teacher once narrated the theory behind and it is just deep-rooted in my brain since then.

Why we never stop exploring

The article is not about the fight between discovering and invent, I just thought to clarify my side but both participate equally in the ongoing process of moving the life ahead. I was chatting with one of my acquaintances over Facebook and realized how people have a strong belief in life that will move on may whatever be the circumstances. I am writing this article as the lockdown is ongoing and myself sitting in my studio apartment thinking very hard what to do next?

This article is going to be self-centric and I hope it gives you enough ideas to do what you can do. I am a freelance commercial photographer, a cinemagraph artist, and a product stylist and I guess I have enough roles now to play and earn around it. To add I have always had an interest in being a model cum actor but every audition came with a disappointment and I eventually realized my appearance is not exactly Indian market-centric or else, well whatever may be the reason I was always displaced and canned at the last moment. I eventually stopped giving any in front of the camera changes and stuck to being behind and It has helped me a lot to survive and lead a life I wished. "The dip" by Seth Godin later helped me to understand that hitting the wall is not worth it if it's not even creating a crack. Anyway, moving on to my evolution, I started as an editorial photographer for an online magazine which later leads me to have a full-fledged portfolio of portrait and people and eventually got hold of more and finally an advertising campaign setting my foot into the advertising world.

I before proceeding to my so-called brief journey want to state the realistic aspect that all the factors came into space due to the lack of options, scarcity lead me to take chances and evolve.

As I got more product-related assignments, lack of budget and the client being open to ideas I tried my hand over product styling and lead me to act as one and helped me to earn a little extra on the side.

As a cinemagraph artist, I did a few potential campaigns but market was very skeptical hence it never became a big hit for myself.

I tried, and I still try to give a try to every opportunity and however I am hesitant to things I have never tried before I personally believe there is always a start.

I have picked up some of the bestselling self-help books and every book teaches us an aspect of hanging on and prolonging the desire we wish to be, some taught me to leave things the way they are and not to commercialize every aspect of my existence.

I love to dance and I love working out but I have never thought to earn from it cause they are the source of my happiness and personal development and a way to let people know what I am apart from my work. Cooking is my other way of self de-stressing and something I have found deep disappointment is dating someone. Every initial conversation does start with something promising but ended up on an abrupt note and it eventually pushed me to seek therapy. I recently loved the fact that I came out with my issue of depression and depressive episodes and my intellectual sessions have helped me to understand that I need to break free the norms I thought will not be acceptable by the society, in-fact opening up the way I am in person and on a subconscious way has helped me to connect more to people and portray the aspect of being more approachable.

Seeking therapy is not making me cuckoo but I guess we all need and seek some kind of non-judgemental guidance to evolve and evolve for ourselves.

Evolution is not just self-centered but even when we wish to fill a gap or curious or just there is a scarcity which needs to be met, the very present time is one of the epitomai of times in the history which is in the making if and when we find a way to fight the very Corona. When we don't know but I know things will not be the same globally and evolution will be on its peak to seek a solution for any future mishap if any on the way.

As an artist, as a human, as a loved one to one and as whoever we are and we are everything at ones, to be honest, we all seek to improve ourselves.

We will not stop or pause because it is not in the DNA and it is too easy to say sitting in my cozy apartment but with due living a life of 30 years I know what I am talking. I have not stopped seeking a way to evolve in my work and my thought process and it will not end as long as I am alive. We all are seeking a better tomorrow and we all are seeing to be in a better place.

We cannot escape evolution even if we seek minimalism and we will deter to be better in it day after day.


Hii, I am shovona, a freelance commercial photographer who resides in the economic hub of India, Mumbai. As an artist, I undergo the above almost every day and I am here to support others to let them feel cool about anything happening in life.

Feel free to contact me for any portrait, corporate, food, product photography related queries or just drop a hi! at

shovona karmakar, freelance portrait photographer based out of Mumbai India.


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